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AD&D and Battletech

Warning: Long and opinionated blogpost ahead – So two of our players are leaving for to work at Yellowstone for the summer in about a week. Due to the lethality of Battletech combat I will be shelving the game until … Continue reading

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The Amazing Delver Convention

So tonight’s Curses of Night game saw the group get trapped in a time stasis field inside Mort’s (a Watcher/Oracle) magic RV (it’s actually a mansion on the inside). While stuck there, the Council (comprising of the wereskunk Flower, the hunter … Continue reading

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Vampires and explosives

So I started my Vampire: the Requiem game this last Wednesday, and things got started really quick. All the characters, who are either newly released or just recently awoke from a long torpor, were invited to the grand opening of … Continue reading

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The Return to Battletech and the Escape

So we finally returned to Battletech after 2 straight weeks of dealing illness amongst our players. The group found themselves starting off in their confrontation with 4 Combine troops and their commanding officer. The combat was quick and furious, with several hands … Continue reading

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Behind schedule

Okay so I’m a little behind schedule. I was supposed to get our Changing Breed character bios up on Monday, and I just didn’t have time to do so. We’ve been trying to do some Spring cleaning around the house, … Continue reading

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Curses of Night

So we just finished our first Curses of Night game, and I have to say it was pretty successful. We’re muddling our way through how things work including powers and mass combat, but I think overall it is a solid … Continue reading

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Our World of Darkness game

So if you’ve checked the World of Darkness (WoD) tab, you’ve noticed that it says we’re playing a Changing Breeds game on Thursday evenings, but I haven’t written anything about it. This is because as a player I am seeing … Continue reading

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Sickness claims us

So I didn’t run a Battletech game last Sunday because the norovirus decided to rip and shred its way through our household. We’re all feeling much better now so we should be ready to see our intrepid group out of … Continue reading

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Second Battletech session comes with a learning curve…

So our second session was a bit of a stumbling block. Let me say this – combat in A time of War is not as straight forward as it is in other systems. There are a lot of moving parts … Continue reading

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