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Nar Shadda Shootout

Quick note – in the last few minutes of the last session, they came out of hyperspace over Nar Shadda and were told that they had to wait to land. They discussed getting a new transponder and name for the … Continue reading

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Escape from Rychel

So this week our heroes found themselves headed towards the Starway Hotel to question the owner, a bothan by the name of Rede Vorg. They arrive at the hotel and see that it is very extravagant. ┬áThe lobby is huge … Continue reading

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Header Temporarily disabled

I have the header that displays our current game disabled until my wife can get a Star Wars logo designed for it. I don’t want to mislead anyone into thinking we’re playing something we are not, so no header is … Continue reading

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Troubles on Rychel continued

As the character entered the diner they saw an older male twi’lek with blue skin wiping down the counters. Torr noticed a few pictures of the man that pegged him as a shock boxer. There was a younger twi’lek female … Continue reading

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Troubles on Rychel

So we had our first Star Wars session, and it went pretty well! It started out with a quick opening narrative stating the nature of the current era. After that it was established that each of the characters had come … Continue reading

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One game shelved, another beginning

It seems that we just can’t quite get a full campaign run in a game anymore. When we have the players and the time, we can’t settle on any one game for very long. When we have something long term … Continue reading

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Character Creation Session

So we had our character creation session on Wednesday and through some stumbling (and me asking on the forums at Rancor’s Pit – thanks guys!) we managed to finish up two of them earlier this evening (Thursday). I was over-analyzing … Continue reading

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General Update and Star Wars!

So it seems that our AD&D game may have a shorter shelf life than I wanted. One of our players is in the midst of trying to find more work, and as a result may end up having to move … Continue reading

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Rewards and the Dead of the Marshes

After rescuing the baron, the heroes wen to meet up with him in his home in Syris. After a long trek, they arrived in Syris, restocked and visited the palatial home of the Baron Cyrus Drakclar. It finally dawned on … Continue reading

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