So we had our third session for Curses of Night, and to be quite honest so much happened that it was such an awesome chaotic swirl of plotlines, character interactions and combat.

I really can’t squeeze everything that happened into a blog here, but I will cover the highlights. First off we started the evening meeting at the Cursed Reavers clubhouse. A werewolf biker came in and basically stated that they would not be ruled over or run out of town, but that they just wanted to be left alone.

After that we heard of a riot/concert in the middle of downtown Vanderfall after the power went out in the city. We were also made aware of more of the Terminators crossing into our world to cause problems. So we checked out the concert (and tricked some police while doing so), but found nothing. So we went to where there were shots fired reported in a quiet suburban neighborhood and met up with some late stragglers including Covenant who had been brought back to life as a Burdened, stating that God had more for him to do.

Once there we investigated the area and found the dead bodies of a young couple, and fought off a weaker Terminator that was still inside. We found a boy, Tommy, in his bedroom, he had been shot, but the bullet had only grazed his head so he was alive. When we moved him we spotted a puncture wound at the base of his spine.

We investigated next door and a small group took Tommy to a nearby church to keep him safe. We found Tommy’s grandparents dead next door and decided that there wasn’t much we could do there so went to the church. While there a car drove into our vehicles and a Terminator stepped out of the wreckage. We managed to destroy it before it could cause any real harm.

The group was then invited to a meeting in the City of Thorne. There they met with the bickering organized crime leaders and their puppetmaster – Darien Thorne, the original founder of the city, and an ancient vampire to boot. They were told that Darien wished no conflict with the Compact and that if he could help them, then they were free to contact him.

From there the group traveled to the area where a demon was released inadvertently by one of the characters. They found the corn from the field would bleed if shucked and the area was desecrated and tainted. A couple of characters were to set fire to the fields (which caused the corn to scream), the rest went inside and found a demonic ritual circle. We managed to figure out that it would summon a greater demon and it would be summoned into the body of a scarecrow. Looking outside we saw a scarecrow in the middle of the burning fields.

One of our….bolder members decided to use his power to supercharge a tractor and drive it at the scarecrow. He then jumped off of the tractor and shot it, using another power to ensure that his hot hit and blow up the gas tank. It worked and there was no sign of the scarecrow. To be sure, a couple went over a consecrated the ground. A singular hand managed to survive but we cut it down, and then took it with us to destroy it for good in cleansing fire.

Whew. So that was our game this last week and it was a lot of fun. Really looking forward to next time.

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