AD&D First Session

Wow, I had forgotten just how much fun AD&D 2nd edition really is. Tonight I ran our first session and we had an absolute blast. For brief character bios check the Dungeons & Dragons tab.

So to start off the characters met at a crossroads in the region of Daggerdale in the Dalelands. First Lhanir showed up and saw a dwarf trundling down the road towards him. He waited and met Belten, they exchanged pleasantries and decided to travel to Dagger Falls together. As they started off another figure emerged from the forest trailed by birds, squirrels, chipmunks and other small woodland creatures. Tynara wasn’t sure about these two at first, though the sight of an elf was at least somewhat comforting. After a less than stellar introduction, Lhanir and Belten headed down the road towards Dagger Falls, but Tynara followed behind, if at a distance.

The party came to a stop on one side of a hill on account of them hearing a commotion of some sort ahead. Lhanir decided to head to the crest of the hill to scout out the situation. He saw a small camp with some equipment strewn about, and four men trying to accost a young woman (this being Xatlalina). They rushed to her rescue, and as the fight proceeded the girl freed herself from the grasp of the one who had a hold of her and made towards the camp. She picked up a shield that looked to be made of a tortoise shell and a maca (basically a weapon that’s similar to a sword, except that it’s made of fire hardened wood with razor-sharp obsidian chunks stuck into the side). The party managed to finish off the bandits before they could run off.

As the group proceeded to Dagger Falls, the mysterious girl followed them, seemingly happy for their company even though she could not understand them, and they could not understand her. As they traveled towards their destination, they saw horse riders galloping towards them. They decided to step off the road and draw weapons – just in case. The riders ended up being Randal Morn the rightful ruler of Daggerdale, and some dalemen loyal to him.

He asked the party if they could investigate the strange disease, called Dream Fever that seemed to be sweeping the town. The agreed to which Randal Morn seemed greatly pleased.

They made it to Dagger Falls, and on the way they came across the Teshenford Arms Inn. After hearing that lodging would cost 2 gold a piece they decided to check to town proper for a better priced inn. So it was that they entered the walled town of Dagger Falls…and found that every other inn was closed.  They also saw the ruthlessness of Zhent law as they found themselves in the middle of a Zhentarim occupied town.


So we left our group as they headed back, grudgingly, back to the Teshenford Arms Inn.

I am really looking forward to this Wednesday where we will continue the adventure. Looks like it’s going to be an awesome game thus far!

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