The adventure continues…

So our party decided that since all the other inns were obviously closed, that they would grit their teeth and pay the 2 gp a night for the only inn open in town. After some deliberation the group decided to explore a few more areas before deciding what to do. So it was that they ended up in the Red Rock Tavern just outside the northern walls of the town. there they found those that were sympathetic to Randall Morn and those that would aid him in his rebellion against the Zhent tyranny. They got some information about the Dream Fever and the location of a couple of people afflicted with it. they also overheard some rumors about the Bladebright dwarven clan that used to live in the area and the supposed curse they put over the region.

They investigated and Tynara managed to heal one of the sleepers. When the sleeper awoke she spoke in strange rhyming riddles. The husband, grateful to have his wife awake again and cured of the disease, told the group of another rumor about the dwarves and the magical blade they made to kill the Mage-Lord ages ago.

As the group headed back to the inn for the night, now armed with new information, they were surprised to see a short, spiky shape dart across the road. They gave pursuit and attacked the strange creature which looked to be a sylvan dwarf . When they hit it with their weapons, it made a strange sound, like the weapons were hitting wood.  They eventually subdued it, and tied it up. After it awoke they questioned it and found out that it worked for Colderan Morn the Mage-Lord that ruled Daggerdale in ages past, and they came from the caverns below the crypts of the burned out temple of Lathander. The group also found out that the creatures were formed from the souls and life forces of the townsfolk afflicted with the Dream Fever. They killed the evil creature and went to the inn to get some rest.

When they awoke the next morning they were approached by an orc messenger and two Zhent mercenaries and told that the Constable wanted to see them. They went along willingly and found that the Constable was not in the mood for conversation, but rather to give orders. He offered 20 gp for each person if they investigated the ‘cursed’ temple of Lathander and cleansed it if the creatures that ‘Randall Morn had summoned to spread disease among the townsfolk.’

They agreed and left, their destination being the area known as Eagle’s Eyrie to find the lost dwarven delvings and the magic blade that was created to kill mages. Once on top of the ridge they found the ruins of an old tower and the beastmen and their eagle pets that inhabited the ruins. Tynara calmed the eagles while the rest of the group killed the beastmen, Lhanir killing one and Belten crushing the skull of the second.

Now they are heading into the cavern that was on their immediate left when they reached the top.

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