Into the delvings…

Our group of adventurers went into the cave and immediately found it occupied by a bear. Tynara was able to calm it long enough for them to slip past. they came to a dead end and were immediately swarmed by bats, and while Lhanir and Lina were more than willing to kill a few bats to drive them off, Tynara and Belten were not, at first. Tynara was knocked unconscious by a few good strikes as they swarmed about, and Belten decided to help drive them off.

Lhanir, knowing that Tynara was the only one capable of healing magics attempted a risky (on his part anyway) attempt at trying to patch her up, and managed to succeed (he needed to roll under a 7 and rolled a 6)! Good thing too since they wouldn’t have been able to get her back to town without dealing with that bear! Tynara awoke and spent one of her spells healing herself. While on the floor of the cavern she noticed a crack along the bottom of the door and pointed it out. Belten was then able to find the catch and they continued on.

They eventually came to a huge open chamber held up by flying buttresses and arches. Four huge pillars with glowing stone sin them lit the area.  they heade dnorth to a set of old iron double doors. Lhanir checked the doors to see if they were trapped or locked, and found that they were neither. He and Belten then began arguing over who would open the door and go in first, and Lina, frustrated by the lack of action, stepped up and opened the door.

Four fire beetles came rushing out of the room (an old armory) and attacked the group. They managed to slay them all but not without Belten taking a fairly nasty hit early on in the fight, which Tynara healed. They then checked out two corridors that ended up being the same thing – hidden overlooks into the Tesh River Valley. The western room ended up being a forge shrine to Moradin. Belten quickly intoned a quick dwarven prayer ‘May Moradin guide my hand’ in dwarvish before picking up the warhammer, disabling the magical enchantment that had been placed upon it to attack intruders.

The southern room had befouled air within it and the group realized they couldn’t stay long. They found a holy symbol to Dumathoin thta Belten took for himself and the sword that is supposed to have been designed to kill Colderan the Mage-Lord. Now they have what they need to bring the fight to the recently raised Colderan before his Nightshades put everyone in Dagger Falls into a permanent sleep.

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