The Mage-Lord’s Catacombs

In our last session, our adventurers left the dwarven delvings with the sword that was supposedly designed to kill wizards in hand. They headed into town, stocked up on provisions and then went back to the delvings to hide out until nightfall. After the sun went down the heroes headed into the catacombs under the temple.

After some initial exploration of the catacombs, the group found a newly formed tunnel that led into a system of natural caverns. They ran across a small natural lake and it’s nixie guardian. It told them that the horrible creatures had been pestering her lake and that she would be glad to see them gone. She also made an offer; if the adventurers got overwhelmed that they could run to her lake and she would allow them to breathe underwater which would allow them to swim out to the river outside.

In the next chamber they ran across a huge ring of mushrooms along with more of the nightshades. This time the nightshades unleashed with their full abilities. One quickly cast an Entangle spell which hindered the characters greatly as they tried to engage the creatures. The nightshades then used superior mobility to try and outflank their opponents. It only partially worked, and the party eventually prevailed.

Now they move towards the main complex of the Mage-Lord. Hopefully, they will be able to defeat him in the next session. Until next time…

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