Gaming, Changes, and the Holidays

So it seems that here recently one of our players has taken exception to the actions of another and she has since removed herself from our group to create some distance between herself and the other player. Her decision was highly subjective and no one else feels the way she does about the situation, so we have had to replace her at the table unfortunately. My daughter has like wise left, but mainly because she has figured out that gaming really wasn’t something she enjoyed (she liked the social aspect, that’s it). This has had the unfortunate side effect of our Shadowrun game┬ácoming to an abrupt halt.

We have found a replacement player for the one that left, and my youngest son has decided to try out gaming with us to replace my daughter. We had a get together with the new group last Friday so I could lay ground rules for my upcoming AD&D game in my setting (YES! It’s DONE!), and discuss what classes everyone would play (looks like we’ll have a paladin, a bard, a fighter or ranger, and a barbarian, and I may have to play a priest type to round out the group). This Friday we will be getting everyone together for a character creation session, and then our first game will be on the 3rd of January 2014 so everyone can relax over the holidays (the new player will be out of town with family as well) and give me time to write up the first adventure.

I have decided against the idea of writing up the entire primary campaign ahead of time so that the player decisions can have an impact. In fact I am hoping that each adventure that deals with the primary story arc will have a decision or two within it that will impact the next adventure, meaning that I will have to write them up as we go rather than ahead of time. I will have any and all side adventures prepared ahead of time however.

Thankfully 2nd edition is a lot more forgiving on encounter design, and you don’t have to follow rigid rules for designing an adventure. You can roughly guesstimate an adventure’s intended level by the HD of the creatures encountered, but that’s about the only thing determining challenge level and difficulty of an adventure. This means that side adventures can be tackled anytime within a 5 to 8 level span, meaning they will be relevant for longer. It will also help when I write up the primary adventures as they can have encounters that are much lower and even much higher than the party level.

Anyway I will be writing up the first adventure and few side adventures over the holidays when I get a chance to. I am currently going through some of our writing and I will start on the adventures after I am done with that.

In other news we have been working on trying to balance the Curses of Night game so that it won’t be as broken as it is now. Physical powers are the necessary change at the moment. We’re avoiding hardcore knee-jerk reactions and making a change here or there and seeing how it plays out. Our next game for testing will hopefully be next weekend.

It is likely I will not post again until after the holidays and probably not until after our first game session. I may get character information up after the character creation session, but that will be about the only post I do. In closing, for those who actually read my blogs on this thing, I wish you all happy holidays with your family and friends and hope that you all spread at least a modicum of cheer to others and I hope that you are grateful and appreciative of those around you.

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