Character Creation Session

So we had our character creation session on Wednesday and through some stumbling (and me asking on the forums at Rancor’s Pit – thanks guys!) we managed to finish up two of them earlier this evening (Thursday). I was over-analyzing character creation and made a mistake in how it was done. Since that is fixed now, the characters are looking a lot more believable as just starting out.

So now we have a young Twi’lek who is Force Sensitive and has picked up her surrogate father’s bad gambling habits with an unknown destiny ahead of her, an older human monk who has trained in the ways of the Force with the Aing-tii, and a Wookiee warrior that owes the monk a life debt after he rescued the Wookiee from Imperial enslavement. I will post full bios on the Star Wars page once I get them in hand from the players.

I am looking forward to running this game, as it will be something I can run free-form with very little pre-planning that consists of basically come up with a decent plot idea, some NPCs, and I’m good to go. After all it’s not Imperials & Complexes, it’s Star Wars, and it should run more like a story (almost like WoD) rather than a dungeon delve. ┬áSunday can’t get here fast enough.

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