One game shelved, another beginning

It seems that we just can’t quite get a full campaign run in a game anymore. When we have the players and the time, we can’t settle on any one game for very long. When we have something long term planned out, real life comes and bites us in the ass to remind us that it’s there along with all the responsibilities that come with it. C’est la vie.

Our AD&D game is being shelved for the time being after we have one more session to finish up our current adventure. Our roommate and fellow player is trying to get his life back on track and has been busting his ass trying to get things in order so he can get his own place again. The character bios will remain as we will be coming back to the game once he has things settled and has the time to play again. Luckily with this blog I have a running backlog of where the group has been and what they have done so we won’t lose track of our game no matter how long we go without playing. So even if no one reads it except for myself, it serves a purpose at least. If nothing else this blog is a personal gaming journal for me. If others read it, then that’s just icing for me.

Now that AD&D is shelved I have a lot less time having to prepare the game, which is fine by me for right now. I love making adventures, but it can be time consuming sometimes, though I was trying out a technique that would have cut on my preparation time and it seemed to be working.

Either way, we have begun a Star Wars game that will take place on Sundays, and we already have characters made and ready to go for this coming Sunday. We had some stumbles in character creation, but we understand it now, and two of the characters has been fixed. The last character will have to be fixed on Sunday right before game, but once that’s done, we’ll be off! I already have some great ideas for the game, and anytime inspiration hits me, I make sure to make a note of it in a specific document so if I need an idea I can open it up and look at what I’ve come up with so far.

Despite starting a new game, it’s a more free form type of system with more similarities to World of Darkness than D&D, so I can run a game with minimal planning. Usually I will just need a decent plot outline, NPC bios and stats and I’ll be good to go. So even though this will take a lot less preparation, I may end up spending some extras time on it anyway. Not because I have to, but because I want to. I have some ideas for a Merit and Flaw type system for the game. It already has one through some other non-Star Wars supplements for D6 in general, but I don’t feel they are in depth enough or really give that Star Wars feel, so I’ll be writing up my own. I also want to do stats for the ships and vehicles found in the Old Republic MMO. But because the system is so basic and simple, I don’t feel it will be too difficult to do.

Either way, I am sad to see our AD&D game halted. I’ve been trying to get this campaign going for, well since ever, and I am beginning to think that it’s cursed, that I will never be able to run it to it’s end. I hope that I can. One of these days anyway. Hopefully this Star Wars game will last for a ┬álong while to come. Looking forward to Sunday.

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