Troubles on Rychel

So we had our first Star Wars session, and it went pretty well!

It started out with a quick opening narrative stating the nature of the current era. After that it was established that each of the characters had come to Rychel, a desert canyon world, because it was a backwater outer rim planet and they thought it would be a good place to avoid the Empire. They found out shortly that they were wrong, though the Imperial garrison here was small. All of the characters happened to be at a central marketplace (with Ali’kara making a purchase of an odd looking cube that she felt drawn to) in the only large settlement on the planet when a commotion between a human customer and a rodian blaster merchant broke out.

The rodian wasted no time in shooting the customer, but the human had friends with him, and they shot back at the rodian, whose security droid joined in on the firefight shortly after. It was this commotion that brought a squad of Stormtroopers to the area with orders to “put down the disturbance and anyone involved”. In this case that was everyone in that market square including the characters!

Torr and Kat acted quickly, running over to Ali’kara (Torr had been sent by an image of his master to protect her) and telling her that they would protect her. She gave them both dubious glances before opening fire on the Stormtroopers and making a run for it. She managed to hit one, and wound him, but he was still in the fight. That’s when Vinthar motioned to the newly formed group (and anyone who was nearby and wanted to follow) and said “This way, there’s a place to hide not too far from here.” With that he opened fire and incapacitated two Stormtroopers (including the one Ali had wounded earlier).  The Stormtroopers opened fire, and made some shots towards the group (which all missed), but were otherwise firing into the unsuspecting crowd and dropping civilians left and right. As the group ran from the conflict, Ali’s droid tripped Kat’Urra up a little and gave him a rude beep or two as he tried to stay caught up with the group.

The group followed Vinthar into a nearby alleyway, where he led them into what looked to be an abandoned apartment.

Ali looked around and then gave Vinthar a slightly disgusted look “Is this your place?”

Vinthar just smiled and shook his head, “No way sister, I just happen to know that quite a few of these places no longer have tenants.”

Outside a loudspeaker crackled to life and a voice came over the device stating that he was the Moff of the planet and that he had to send troops to quell a terrorist action in one of the market squares. He then went on to say that several of the terrorists had managed to escape justice and refused to turn themselves in, and that it was the duty of every civilian to report the locations of such individuals if they saw them.

Ali, again questioning the situation looked around and asked “So does that include us?”

Torr spoke up and stated “Yes. Most likely.”

Ali laughed “So how is anyone going to know what we look like? It’s not like he gave descriptions.”

“Look outside,” Vinthar pointed out.

Ali did so and saw one of the large holoscreens projecting an image of several pictures, all of whom were in the marketplace during the incident, including them. She shook her head and noted, “Well, looks like we made the list. Yay.”

“I suggest we stay here and hide out until things die down.” Torr suggested.

“Here?” And what’s to stop them from looking in a window or opening the door and seeing us?” Ali asked.

“Good thing I’m familiar with this place.” Vinthar stated as he lifted up a moth-eaten rug, revealing a trapdoor, “This area has some pretty strong seismic activity form time to time, so people build reinforced basements to hide out in.”

“How do you know all of this?” Ali asked, incredulously.

“Well, let’s just say that the ladies around here like talking to ‘ol Vinthar.” Vinthar said proudly.

So the group hid out in the basement, once even hearing Stormtroopers enter the building and search overhead, but never finding the trapdoor.  After a while, Vinthar decided to sneak out and check out the area. He came back down and reported that everything was clear. The group decided then and there that they needed to get off world as soon as was possible.

“So where do you think we can find a ship, or at least someone that might let us onto their ship when or if they leave?” Ali asked.

“Well there are no shipyards around here. Maybe would should ask around at the cantina?” Vinthar suggested.

“Or the diner.” Kat’Urra spoke up, rubbing his stomach.

“We’re not going to the diner,” Torr said, “The cantina is the best place for information.”

“But I’m hungry, and I get…cranky, when I’m hungry.” Kat said, sounding disappointed.

“Not yet Kat,” Torr insisted.

“Fine I’ll go anyway,” Kat said, and walking towards the cafe.

“Go ahead. And what are you going to do if a squad of off-duty Stormtroopers are in there and we’re over there?” Torr asked pointedly.

“Oh. Good point.” Kat said, finally giving in.

The group headed into the cantina, called the Bantha’s Trough. Ali’s eyes immediately lit up when she saw a devaronian with a sabaac deck in one corner.

“I think I can get us some information” Ali stated as she unzipped her jumpsuit to show a little more skin and headed towards the devaronian. “Care for a game?” she asked as she sat down at the table with the horned alien.

“For you gorgeous? Anytime. Name’s Moravik,” he said, “What are the stakes?”

“You can call me Ali. I want to play for information.” Ali stated with confidence.

“I doubt you know anything that I would have an interest in. How about we play for your credits against my information?” Moravik asked.

“Fair enough, deal” Ali said. “So, who has a ship that might be willing to give us charter off this planet?”

After a few hands of Ali losing to the devaronian, she finally won a hand.

“Fine. None of the locals own a ship. You can check and get a charter at the spaceport. You can leave by getting in good with the Imperials and taking a supply ship out of here, or you could…take her ship.” he said motioning towards a short but beautiful woman at the bar. She had on customized armor, and on the bar near her was a helmet that looked to be of old Clone Commando make. She had several weapons and explosives on her person, and it was apparent to everyone that she was a bounty hunter.

“Who is that?” Ali asked.

“Syn. She works directly for the Moff.” Moravik answered as Syn nodded at the bartender, put on her helmet and left.

Ali played a few more hands before Torr convinced her to give up on the gambling since she was losing. And she outlined the ideas to the group.

“…or we could steal the bounty hunter’s ship.” Ali said, finishing up the list of possible options.

Whoa! Whoa! We are not stealing a bounty hunter’s ship!” Vinthar protested.

“Well let’s check the spaceport then,” Ali suggested. Once they arrived at the spaceport, they talked to a service droid who explained that the next charter ship would not arrive for another standard month. Feeling dejected, the group gave in to Kat’s want for food and headed to the cafe to think over their remaining options.

(Second part coming soon)

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