Troubles on Rychel continued

As the character entered the diner they saw an older male twi’lek with blue skin wiping down the counters. Torr noticed a few pictures of the man that pegged him as a shock boxer. There was a younger twi’lek female with purple skin that spoke with the older man (Ali catching  a part of the conversation and hearing that the girl was the older man’s daughter) before heading over to take their orders. Ali happened to notice a wistful look in the twi’lek’s eye as she noticed the girl’s nametag which read Kiri.

“So what can I get you folks today?” Kiri asked as she came to their table.

“Five pounds of Bantha Steak!” Kat’Urra immediately roared.

“Wow, your friend must be hungry,” Kiri stated in amazement.

“You have no idea.” Torr said as he ordered soup and bread.

“I see you keep looking out at the cantina, what’s over there that’s  so interesting?” Ali inquired.

He is.” she said simply as if it explained everything.

“Who?” Ali asked.

“Moravik.” Kiri said.

“Isn’t he a bit old for you?” Ali asked.

“No! Isn’t he too old for you?” Kiri asked gesturing towards Vinthar.

“Uh…whoa! Put on the breaks there little missy…we’re not..!” Vinthar protested.

“Oh no way! Never!” Ali said, giving the waitress an incredulous look.

“Hey!” Vinthar protested once again as Kiri went back to give the orders to her father.

“So what do we do?” Vinthar asked.

“We never did talk  with the bartender at the cantina.” Torr pointed out.

“No. We didn’t.” Ali said in agreement.

The group finished their meals and headed over to the cantina once again. In normal fashion they slipped the bartender some credits to keep her talking. She informed them that Syn bragged that she didn’t have any heavy security measures on her ship,  that her reputation kept would be thieves away. She had said once that she did have a passcode to start the ship however. When asked who might have an idea as to what that passcode was, the bartender said that if anyone would have that information it would be the bothan that ran the Starway Hotel down the road. So as we left off our first session, the group is heading towards the Starway Hotel to question the bothan owner while avoiding Imperial patrols. More to come next week!


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