Nar Shadda Shootout

Quick note – in the last few minutes of the last session, they came out of hyperspace over Nar Shadda and were told that they had to wait to land. They discussed getting a new transponder and name for the ship to hide the fact that it was stolen.

Last we left our group, they were in orbit around Nar Shadda, awaiting permission to land. It was given after a few hours and after they landed Vin told them that he needed to go to a droid shop to pick up A6, his old combat medic droid. He told the rest of the group that they should do some shopping while they were there. So  they did, and afterwards they met up with Vin in front of the droid shop. With him was a rather rag-tag looking droid with a dark copper chassis with dark silver limbs and a dark silver head. He looked pretty mismatched.

“So these are your new companions master?” the droid asks as the rest of the group approaches.

“Yes, A6.” Vin answers patiently.

“Then I see no reason to shoot them.” A6 says with all confidence. Vin sighs, rolls his eyes and pats the droid on the shoulder.

“That’s good A6, I’d hate to dismantle you for hurting my new friends.” Vin says, shaking his head.

“At least I could patch  them up if I had made a mistake, master.” A6 states.

“Yes. Yes you could.” Vin mutters.

“Nice droid.” Ali says, “Do you have the new transponder for the ship?”

“A6, do you have that transponder we were going to use for my old ship?” Vin asks.

“Right here master” A6 confirms.

“Good. Well then I believe you guys wanted to meet with the Alliance?” Vin asks.

“Yes. Very much so.” Torr says with a ready agreement from Kat.

“Alright, let’s get back to the ship. I was told to make contact on Alderaan.” Vin says.

The group travels back to the ship, only to find it surrounded by Imperial Stormtroopers. An Imperial officer is with them. It strikes them as a bit odd because the officer is a female.

“I am Lieutenant Pelthroes of the Imperial Navy. In the name of Moff Gerador I order you to drop your weapons and surrender for questioning. ” the officer calls out.

“She means interrogation, master” A6 whispers to Vin. No one else hears it.

“I know, A6” Vin mutters.

“What are we being brought in for?” Ali asks, as she unholsters her blasters and begins crouching slowly to put her weapons on the ground. Torr had let his staff fall to the ground already, and Kat has already dropped his vibroblade and his blaster rifle. He was fighting with the strap of his bowcaster, but hadn’t unshouldered it yet.

“Like I said, questioning.” The lieutenant answered back.

“Are we under arrest?” A6 asks as he steps forward.

“Your droids can stay here. You will come with us, and no you are not under arrest.” the lieutenant states again.

“Then die, armored human scum!” A6 yells a she draws a blaster from a compartment inside his leg and opens fire. Everyone else dives behind cover and begins firing. All except Torr who moves with sudden speed and begins to take out Stormtroopers….with his bare hands! During the fight, Lieutenant Pelthroes calmly walks  away and into a side door.

The group makes quick work of the Stormtroopers with no injuries, and quickly boards the ship. As Vin pilots the ship  into the atmosphere (doing some tricky maneuvering through air traffic), and into space (with even more maneuvering between skyhooks, space platforms, other ships, space stations, satellites and various space debris), he calls back for Ali to man the turret.

Four TIE fighters move in to attack, Ali clips one with laser fire, and it spins off into a space platform. A furious fire fight with the remaining TIEs staying just behind the newly minted (thanks to the new transponder) Vornskyr’s Fang ensues, that eventually sees Vin’s superior piloting abilities making short work of two of the TIEs as they careen off into various other space objects, though one managed to get a good shot in on the Fang, and Ali’s misfiring caused part of a platform to rain down on top of the ship doing some damage as they flew under it.

As the ship makes the jump to hyperspace, the final TIE Fighter, whose weapons had been damaged, peeled away. They had escaped. Again. Vin told the group that it should be 16 days or so before they reached Alderaan, so to just relax. The group did just that with both Ali and Torr doing various meditation exercises and with Ali learning from the holocron.

After the 16 days was up, the group came in to the cockpit to find Vin furiously typing away on the consoles.

“What’s wrong? I thought we were supposed to be there by now?” Torr asked.

“We were. Damned fire fight took out a portion of the astrogation array, and it looks like we drifted off course. We’re going to be another ten days.” (Vin rolled a 1 on the Wild Die when making his astrogation roll, so it added time to the trip)

“Well back to practice,” Ali stated as she took up her practice blade and headed to her room. After the extra ten days, they finally came out of hyperspace over Alderaan, looking as pristine as always. An inquiry as to the ship’s name and what business they had on Alderaan had Vin answering back that they were to pick up a shipment from House Organa and drop it off on Coruscant. The reply was for them to land with coordinates.

Those coordinates led them to land at a small private spaceport near the Organa Palace. They were then escorted to a small group of speeders and taken to the place and escorted inside to a luxurious room. They were offered refreshments and told that they could relax until the Senator could see them (this is of course before the Imperial Senate was abolished by Palpatine, being 3 BBY).

Bail Organa walks into the room, and notices Vin.

“Where have you been? I was expecting that shipment weeks ago!” Bail says. As he berates Vin for being late, he nods at the guards who shut the doors. He then pulls a device from a pocket and pushes a button on it. There was an audible sound of several objects powering down.

“There, now that we can have a private conversation, what can I do for you?” Bail asks.

“We were told you could help us get in contact with the Alliance to Restore the Republic.” Vin says as he shakes Bail’s hand.

“I can. Here, on this datapad are my personal seal used only within the Alliance. They have a base on Dantooine. Go there and present this. They will know where you are needed most.” Bail says as he looks over at Ali and goes silent. “Aayla…no it can’t be. You’re too young, but the resemblance is… Apologies. Just the mutterings of an old man, you just remind me of someone I once knew. Anyway, go there, they will appreciate the help.” with that, Bail leaves the room, and the guards escort the group back to their ship.

“Well…that was weird.” Ali says as they board the ship again.

“He was concise and to the point though. I like him,” Torr says.

Well. Off to Dantooine, home of farmers, swoop gangs and Kath hounds.” Vin says as he starts the ship up. They leave Alderaan and Vin starts up the Hyperdrive (and rolls yet ANOTHER 1 on the Wild Die for astrogation…another long trip thanks to that damaged astrogation array), the stars streak and they are off to join the Rebellion.


Sidenote – All of the decisions thus far have been the players. I have no set plans outside of a few plot points that I want to cover as the game progresses, otherwise everything, from them stealing the bounty hunter’s ship to deciding to join the Alliance has been all them.


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