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Woooow, so yeah, October was my last update. My apologies about that. To be honest there was no real good reason for it except that I got sidetracked by the new World of Warcraft expansion and then the holidays crept up on us, and a slew of other things including one of my players (Albrecht’s player) moving away. He hasn’t moved quite yet, but it’s been in the works for a couple of months now, and it looks like he will be leaving this week at some point.

There have been several AD&D sessions since I last updated, and as a result there will be a super light synopsis-type post for the recent D&D adventures to cover ground up to the current time. Chances are I will not be able to post very much, if at all, during the holidays, though I am planning on us gaming every weekend through the holidays since all the major ones fall in the middle of the week  so there shouldn’t be any reason to cancel a game. Posting is a secondary concern to writing up adventures and such for my game, so I only do this when I have extra time, and I rarely have extra time during this part of the year.

For those wondering, the group has just basically finished the first ‘chapter’ if you will in my campaign and will be transitioning into the second chapter during this Sunday’s session. This will include a major party shake up as Larissa has died and Albrecht has taken his leave in order to help Krysta and Kyrsta in their homeland (giving the character a reason to leave).  My wife will be playing double duty and playing a second character in order to fill the gap in the party while I introduce a rather…interesting addition in the form of another NPC to help them out.

I will have the write-up of all the recent previous adventure sup later tonight or sometime tomorrow. Until next time… keep rolling and hoping for 20’s.


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