Across the Ocean to Aerinvale

So now our heroes are on their way to Aerinvale after a Silver Knight by the name of Arthurius has joined them. The group managed to find passage on a merchant ship out of Aerinvale called the “Crystal’s Boon”. The group boarded the ship and met with the bosun, a bubbly halfling bard named Aralira, the first mate, an ex-Valkyrie named Brynjar, and Captain Farley, the human who runs the ship. Brynjar also has a rather interesting companion – a Helarin (think intelligent minotaurs, but they hate being compared to them), warrior from Maerrheim. Neither were very forthcoming on why they left the raider nation, but it seemed that, for now at least, they were fine with serving the captain of the ship.

Their voyage was to last for roughly four or five days given favorable conditions, but Lord Rivan (the Eldritch Empires god of water) is often fickle and piracy was on the rise. On the third day of travel, the ship was in fact attacked by pirates. The group managed to help fight them off, even managing to defeat the captain themselves. It seemed that the cult’s reach was long indeed, as the pirates had been sent to kill the Drakenblades and were paid plenty to do so.

A few days later the ship lurched to a stop, and as the group tried to figure out what was going on, the ship was swarmed with starnge fish-like (or even shark-like) humanoid creatures called sahuagin. They all fell prey to the sahuagin’s poisons and fell unconscious one by one. When the group awoke, they found themselves captured, and devoid of their equipment. But worse yet, the cages they were in were clear glass and they could see that they were now deep underwater…

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