Peril Under the Waves

Our heroes were last seen in glass ‘cages’ underwater at the mercy of the sahuagin, also known as sea devils or shark men. After sitting in their respective cages for an indeterminate amount of time, a single sahuagin gave them masks that let them breathe underwater and then took them to an air-filled tent where they were given food. On the way they noticed a second tent next to the one they were escorted to, with most of the other ‘buildings’ being temporary seaweed lean-tos.

The group came up with a plan to cut their way through the tent they were in and go to the one that was nearby, banking that their stuff would be in there. They lucked out and figured correctly, as they were getting their equipment back on, a group of sahuagin had noticed that they were missing from the tent and found them. A battle ensued in which the group faced rough odds against the creatures in their home environment. They eventually managed to defeat enough of them to escape.

After fleeing from the sahuagin, they found themselves wandering aimlessly in a kelp forest, not able to determine what they should do or where they should go. They eventually found a coral reef and used it as a guide to go up higher to see what they could make out. They found themselves looking at a battle between sea elves and merfolk against more sahuagin, and again they were taken prisoner, but by the sea elves and merfolk this time around. They were taken to a small town of the aquatic folk and put into a large magic bubble which housed several buildings and a fresh water fountain.

Eventually a merfolk priestess came to speak with them, and explained that they would be taken  to the surface once the troubles with the sharkmen were over. Apparently the sea devils had new leadership, and an alliance with some strange lizard-like creatures and the sea elves and merfolk were losing their battle against the sahuagin. The group offered to help, and after a few days deliberating with the sea elf and merfolk council, the merfolk priestess returned and guided them to sahuagin territory after granting them items that would help them in this foreign environment.

The group has found the main lair of the sahuagin, and have successfully cleared the first room, but will they be as successful in clearing the rest of the lair? If they are successful, the sahuagin have a ┬ásurprise that awaits the heroes at the end…

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