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Okay so I finally updated the pages for the individual games and I will hopefully be better at keeping things up to date, especially since it seems my group will finally be able to access the page and use it for extra in-game info (and yes guys, if you’re telling me you can get to the page now I will post extra in-game info here).

So the Star Wars page is updated with full bios and a run down of what has happened so far. The World of Darkness page is as updated as it can be. See that page for details.

And this Sunday we will begin the second half of my AD&D Campaign – Rise of Nexara set in my Eldritch Empires homebrew setting. I am really looking forward to it and it seems like my players are as well. New bios will be up as soon as I see the new characters in action during the game. This week is going to be very busy as I continue to work on the campaign and get other things I want for the game set up.

Oh and this page is now linked directly in a pinned post on our Sunday Night Gaming Facebook group. Welcome back guys.

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