New Year, New Updates

So 2016 has been a productive year for gaming to a decent degree. We got the Rise of Nexara campaign finished and in the books. As a result I will eventually be copy/pasting the info here into a separate document while adding the synopsis of the events of the last portion of the campaign. It ended on a high note with the PCs not only saving their world from a realm of undeath that was trying to subsume the world, but cleansed a goddess as well. The next time there is current info on the D&D page will be when I get around to starting the Birthright campaign that I’ve been wanting to run.

We also started the second episode of our Star Wars game, but due to weather and holidays we were only able to get one mission completed before everything came to a stand-still for over a month now. As a result I will be shelving the campaign for the time being and move on to something new and hopefully exciting for my players (I know i’m excited about it) – Shadowrun.

Next week we are likely to play some board games and discuss the setting and its unique history. The week after I am hoping to get character creation done. It is likely to take an entire session due to how equipment heavy the game is, and I know that equipment heavy games tend to have very long character creation sessions. Plus the game is based on building a character with points, another indicator that it could take a while.

This is all, of course, weather permitting. It’s been a bitter winter for us, and it seems to be unrelenting in its desire to dump foot upon foot of snow and ice on us. Either way once characters are made, I will post bios with basic information. Like Star Wars, these bios are likely to grow over time as the characters evolve.

I don’t know how long I will GM this inaugural playing of Shadowrun, but I hope it will be for a while at least. A couple of months at least, hopefully a bit longer. Afterwards, who knows? Maybe that Birthright campaign I mentioned above or the Changeling game we still have in a holding pattern, or maybe we will get back to Star Wars, or (and this is my hope) I’ll have a home made Final Fantasy RPG to playtest. Time will tell.

In closing I am really hoping to post more here with information for my players. If I do I will make a separate page for such information, and this main page will remain for me to talk about our gaming in general. Here’s to hoping for another great year of gaming in 2017!


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