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It’s official, I’m horrible at keeping this updated or even keeping general game information on here. It takes time to do these things and when I’m not working on planning my weekly games, I’m working on my Final Fantasy RPG or the Altered Realities RPG system or playing video games (Final Fantasy XIV still has its hooks really deep in me).

I probably need to set aside a specific day where I input information here – after all it’s supposed to be a chronicle of my gaming in general and a place for the players to find information on the current game. While I do post stuff on our Facebook group, I feel that I should post things here as well – especially since a LOT more information can be dispensed from here.

The other thought would be to only keep current game information here for players and do a Youtube channel with my “chronicles” on it – which has potential, if I had the correct software and equipment to pull it off. Either way I have been absolutely terrible at keeping all of my gaming information in one place and up to date. Hell I’ve been running a Changeling AND a Mage game concurrently in the same city and have yet to jot down one single thing about it. In fact I’ve run the ENTIRE thing off-the-cuff with only some mental preparation where I decide what events will happen before each game.

The Changeling game just came to the end of the current story arc and Mage will follow suit within the next session or two. After that we will be playing Birthright and I know keeping information on the campaign here and keeping it updated will be a TREMENDOUS help in keeping track of Domain turns and what the players have accomplished.

I don’t know how long I will run the campaign – probably for as long as I have ideas for it. I have an idea as to where it will end – if the PCs are successful that is, I do know this much; I would like for the PCs to be between levels 10 and 15 by the time it ends. Once that is done I will likely return to running Shadowrun since I never got to run that to the conclusion I wanted to get to nor did we really get settled into it long enough to really get to know the rules well enough to have a smooth session, something I wanted us to be able to do.

Anyway I think I’m just rambling at this point, right now I have nothing to post, but I do still need to get the info from the Eldritch Empires campaign pasted onto a document so I can clear it for Birthright info. Here’s to hoping I can get enough self-discipline and motivation to keep things rolling on this page for once. Oh and I WILL eventually get current info for Star Wars, Changeling and Mage up since all three of those games are continuous (in other words I run singular story arcs for them and then shelve them – the characters remain the same unless they meet an untimely end).

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