First Session a Success

Had our first Battletech session, and it was a success! The players started to get a feel for their characters and the setting fairly early on, and at one point they had an extended RP scene that lasted quite a while. I’m pretty sure I got the setting and how things worked across to the players decently well, and they were a little daunted by the sheer amount of time it takes to jump long distances across the Inner Sphere. I may tweak that particular element for story purposes. During the (really) long trip, they started to get to know each other at least somewhat.

I managed to get the group introduced into the mercenary unit (called the Phoenix Flames), and establish that the characters aren’t well liked because they can’t be trusted…yet. They were run into the ground by the chief NCO and then shortly after chow time, they got hauled into the briefing room to get sent on a night raid on an enemy outpost situated in a fairly dense forest area. This is a test from the Lieutenant Colonel who is directly in charge of their company. He wants to see how they will deal with a mission in the field.

After requisitioning some gear, the group was dropped off by APC 2 klicks from the enemy outpost. They immediatly made their way cautiously through the forest, jumping at every sound and warily eyeing any potential ambush spots.  They finally broke through the forest only to find the outpost right in the middle of a civilian town!

And that’s where we left off, and everyone seems to be looking forward to next week. I am finding that with this system, after some initial planning, the game pretty much runs itself. I know i’ll have to do some planning here and there, but not to the extent that other games can require (especially D&D!), I am hoping that things continue on this trend, as it will make running the game that much easier for me, and I can concentrate on the story rather than the rules. I am already reading through the A Time of War Companion and thinking of allowing some of the optional rules from it as I don’t think it will overly complicate the game itself.

I’ll keep this updating this blog after each session, so that we can have a running archive of what has happened in the games. So until next week.

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