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As we head into the holiday season of 2018 I felt the desire to update this site again. I have not felt the need to update over the last several months as I have been pretty steady in running a solid AD&D game. I had some good plans going into the game and I have recently run into a situation where I felt that I needed to break up the AD&D game a little to give myself some planning time, as well as give us as a group something different to do. As a result D&D is now only run ever other week with Vampire the Masquerade being run on the opposite weeks to D&D. I work on game stuff every Monday and Tuesday night, though sometimes I also do so on Sunday nights as well, now I will have two weeks to plan for D&D as I usually have to do very little prep for Vampire.

I currently have the D&D page completed and 100% updated to the current state of the game. I will actually endeavor to keep it updated after every game. The World of Darkness game will be updated sometime next week and it will be much easier to keep updated as I will only be covering the major city events in brief bullet points. The hope is that I will have everything situated so that I have to do minimal work in order to run both games and update this site.

Meanwhile I have been hard at work at designing my vision of the Final Fantasy RPG. I have actually come a very long way in the game’s overall design and even have the first three chapters done so far. Hopefully once I get things set up for the Vampire game next week I can start working on the Final Fantasy game again on Mondays, Tuesdays and the occasional Sunday.

Again I will bring up the fact that we are heading into the Holiday season, this means that there is a chance due to inclement weather that we will not be able to game if we get snowed in. If that happens it will give me even more time to work on the Final Fantasy game since whatever I had planned for the game we had to skip will still be waiting for our next session.

So check out the D&D game page and remember to check back every once in a while to see how the adventures of the Company of the Snow Raven is progressing, and then check the World of Darkness page after next week to get acquainted with the cast of Vegas by Night, and after that check back to see if anything major has happened in the Vampire game!

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