The Return to Battletech and the Escape

So we finally returned to Battletech after 2 straight weeks of dealing illness amongst our players. The group found themselves starting off in their confrontation with 4 Combine troops and their commanding officer.

The combat was quick and furious, with several hands getting shot throughout the combat. It seemed like everyone got a hand shot at some point due to hit location rolls. The merc group moved in quickly and incapacitated the two troops at the door and eventually a third one succumbed to their assault, but not before the commander brought a prototype Gauss rifle (which technically doesn’t exist yet) to bear against them, scoring what could have been potentially lethal hits, but hitting non-vital locations (hands and arms mainly). Conrad managed to aim at the commandeer’s head and just do enough damage to knock him out with a gyro-jet rifle. the remaining trooper surrendered quickly thereafter and the group trussed him and one of the soldiers that lost consciousnesses up and left with the commander at gun point, hoping to avoid a confrontation with the veritable army of police that gathered outside.

Their ploy worked. Seeing that their commander was still alive, the military personnel mixed with the police ordered them to hold fire. The sergeant in charge ordered for no one to fire as Takashi gave him the ritual agreement that he would release the commander after their escape. Of course they did not as the mission was to kill the commander. Takashi let him go honorably however, and allowed him to commit seppeku.  They then made the rendezvous with their transport and made it back to base, injured and received as one of the unit.

Over the next week Gunther was paired with Jenna for light maintenance duties on the ‘Mechs and aerospace planes and he got to know her a little better, learning that she was the adopted daughter of the merc unit’s commanding officer, and that she was itching to see some combat action, especially from the cockpit of a ‘Mech, though at her young age (17) no one would allow her the opportunity. Gunther also witnessed a heated discussion between Jenna and Lt-Col Gaspari, where she stated that she was going on the next mission, with or without his permission.

The next mission came about soon enough. Three night after a spy drone was sighted, and not knowing if it was a Kurita drone or a Davion drone, the merc unit sprung into action after receiving some intel on a Kurita supply convoy. After proving themselves by spilling blood for extra intel for the unit, the group was told that this was an important mission and they would be involved along with an entire platoon of anti-mech infantry. The mission was to capture the convoy and destroy their light ‘Mech escort consisting of Ravens and Jenners.

The group rode with the Sergeant-Chief, the very one that had tried to run them into the ground, and he informed them that their ranks were reinstated to full as of this mission.  The group arrived at the site of the ambush and helped advise for the setup of the artillery encampment, along with other traps. As they were being shown a set of turret mounted streak SRM 6 launchers, they found a stowaway – Jenna. Seemed as though she had kept true to her word. She got quickly relegated to the triage area and told to stay put.

As they finished up the reaming touches on some traps, word got back that the enemy had been spotted as a Raven ‘Mech came barreling into the area. It quickly found the minefield that had been set up, and subsequently lost both legs. The spotter then had alarming news, and Conrad quickly panned his own binoculars to see what the spotter was panicking over – there weren’t just light ‘Mechs protecting the convoy, but an Atlas and a Catapult, the first being a 100 ton assault ‘Mech, and the later being a heavy long range support heavy ‘Mech.

The sergeant-chief told them to go now, that there was an unguarded ‘Mech bay not too far from their location. They were to steal the ‘Mechs and come back to help in the fight. They quickly grabbed Jenna and an APC and took off. The session ended with Jenna, the aspiring Mechwarrior eagerly asking – “So you guys do realize of course that there’s only room for one person in a ‘Mech cockpit, right?”

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