The Amazing Delver Convention

So tonight’s Curses of Night game saw the group get trapped in a time stasis field inside Mort’s (a Watcher/Oracle) magic RV (it’s actually a mansion on the inside). While stuck there, the Council (comprising of the wereskunk Flower, the hunter Kell, and the Watcher/Wereraven Nimue (shoot me later if that’s wrong) made a few more decisions, making the Wishtwister Anthony who had been the cause of so many problems earlier in the evening into their Herald so that they could keep better tabs on him. They also made Brian, Kell’s Sgt at Arms into the protector of weapons and property. They have yet to settle on an Enforcer. Eventually Kell and his wife were able to find a ritual that would break the time spell. They went to a separate room to perform the ritual as everyone else escaped.  Once back inside the convention, all hell seemed to break loose as Flower summoned a bunch of rats to make the attendees leave. Meanwhile several new Compact members showed up – a living marionette (Carter), an Archangel of Heaven (Raziel), a vampire and a ghost (of which I cannot remember either name, having only heard them once).

At that point something that appeared to be a Terminator showed up as Anthony, Nimue and our local Delver went to investigate a mysterious room at the hotel. Everyone else attacked the Terminator and defeated it. They then went into the video game room where it seemed to come out of.

Now I could go into all the detailed nuances of what happened, but I will keep to generalities in the need to keep this kind of short. Those that went to check out the mysterious room ended up playing a game with Death, who had already won several souls.  they would encounter entirely different lives as if they had lived them. They were Inquisitors during the Spanish Inquisition determining the fate of a young girl. They were soldiers in the Vietnam war. They were adventurers rescuing a princess from a dragon. Somehow Nimue came out of the ordeals pregnant.

The other group found themselves challenged by a Sphinx looking for worthy opponents. The vampire shot his mouth of and ended up as the Sphinx’s prisoner. The only way out was to accept his challenges and win. The challenges were of a slightly…video game nature. They first encountered a graveyard full of zombies, and as they killed zombie after zombie they found keys. Keys that opened the mausoleum in the middle of the graveyard. Then they encountered a pit full of lava with platforms sticking up that the had to jump to even as they fell, collecting coins along the way. The third challenge was to make their way across the battlefield of the future and destroy Skynet. They managed to find their way through these challenges and desolve the zone that had taken over the video game room and trapped the mortals within.

At the end of the night the group was even more resolved to find the Delver responsible for all of this and destroy him.


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