Vampires & Gangbangers

We left off last game with the characters being pursued by a group of gangbangers as they sought out information regarding the attack on the opening of Club Jaded. There were some excellent and exciting moments in the ensuing combat.

So it was that the game started with the gangbangers opening fire on our new, up and coming Kindred. Brandi managed to activate one of the gangbanger’s fears. He slipped the car into a sideways skid and got out, firing on his fellow gang members. Percival’s ghoul, Madison, wrapped their car around a light pole. And the others kept driving as the gangbangers kept pace.

That is until the second car slammed into the lead one, running over the gang member that opened fire on his comrades in the process. Percival then managed to hot wire a nearby SUV and ram it into the second car as the other cars peeled off to the side, avoiding additional collisions.

The group then managed to take several gang members, noting that the gang members were wearing two sets of colors. One (the 10th Street Kings) wearing purple and black and the others (the 336 Killers) wearing blue and yellow.

When it seemed that the group had an upper hand they heard the sharp whine of something powering up and that’s when they noticed a line of bullet holes forming in the street. Smoking holes that left slagged concrete in their wake. A voice called out, inviting them into a nearby apartment, with the threat that he would report their obvious breach of the Masquerade (several disciplines were used, including Celerity) to the Prince if they didn’t comply.

Tyrell the leader of the 10th Street Kings and Andrea the leader of the 336 Killers awaited them. Tyrell openly informed the group that the attack was sanctioned by the Seneschal and Primogen of the Invictus – Kevin Russel III and that he and Andrea were his ghouls. Brynn (Brandi’s other ‘self’Smilie: ;) managed to Dominate (Mesmerize) Tyrell into following her to see the Prince. Trixie seduced and Entranced Andrea, but Percival put a quick end to that by taking Andrea’s head off. He then set off to ‘clean up’ the rest of the apartment, killing everyone inside. One managed to escape briefly, but Percival eventually caught up and killed him as well, though not before the gang member managed to get a text message off to a unknown recipient.

The group then  headed to the Roman Foundation, a multi-winged, multi-storied building with art galleries, dojos, ballrooms, gardens, and boardrooms. the Primogen were in a meeting at the time, but they were allowed in due to the fact that Bruce sent a message to the Sheriff before they arrived with information of what they had done and discovered.

When they arrived the Prince was obviously already pissed off, her Sovereignty practically suffocating the room . The stated that Kevin had had his Aura read by several members of the council and that every time it came up clean. She then demanded that thee group have a good explanation for their baseless accusations.

Now the players must come up with a good reason or have good evidence.

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