World of Darkness

Currently we have a Vampire the Masquerade game that is played every other Sundays from about 12 noon until between 5 and 6. The game uses the V20 rules with some minor house rule changes including the addition of Clan advantages, new backgrounds and discipline changes and additions to make the clans feel more unique.

The game takes place currently in late 1985 in the city of Las Vegas.

Bios will be posted below soon along with important NPCs. As this will be a long-term ongoing chronicle, I will not be posting anything for what has happened within the story so far, but rather I will make bullet points outlining major events that happen. Below will also be an outline of the city as it exists within this version of the World of Darkness and what would be considered common knowledge among its supernatural denizens.


Player Characters

Brittany (Brujah – Iconoclast)

Jean-Luc deClaire (Gangrel)

Mary (Malkavian)

Thomas Keller IV (Ventrue – Rook Bloodline)

Andre (Nosferatu)  


Important NPCs


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