Holiday Season

The holidays of 2018 have arrived and Christmas is only a few short days away and so we will be skipping the next gaming session. In fact… about that next session – it won’t be myself that will be running it. In fact I am off the hook for a short while which is nice. No, we are not cancelling our Sunday games so let me clarify the situation.

I had a new player join us at the table for the Vampire game I am/was running every other week with D&D being on the opposite weeks (as noted on the individual game pages) and at a recent birthday party we ended up discussing the idea of me wanting a break and he offered to run a Pathfinder game. Now I am not the biggest fan of anything 3.X and the OGL/SRD rules but I have been assured that he will run a decent game and keep things in check. It also helps that we currently have a group that won’t look to break mechanics and argue rules for hours on end. So now that game is a reality and I am really excited about it since I finally get a break from running anything. At least for a short while.

He wants to get us fully established in his game and once that happens we will be going back to every other week with me doing Vampire on the opposite weeks to the Pathfinder game. Vampire is very easy for me to run, especially since I’ve done a lot of the planning well ahead of time and it’s not hard for me to spin off story ideas as the game progresses based on what happened in past games. That means I do not have any prep time over the weeks anymore. Ostensibly the original idea was for me to have prep time on D&D weeks and then have no prep time on the Vampire weeks which would allow me to either A) prep more D&D if it was needed or B) work on other projects. With zero prep time worries I can now dedicate myself to planning the rest of the D&D game AND working on other projects which at this point in time means the Final Fantasy RPG.

As to what I will playing in said Pathfinder game? A half-orc Slayer (which is a hybrid of Rogue and Ranger) based loosely on the concept of being a monster hunter/slayer similar to Geralt of the Witcher series.

So to anyone who reads this (not sure a lot of people do), have a Happy Holidays and I will return in the New Year to hopefully update the Vampire page and write up the brief bits that happened in the D&D campaign before it was put on the back burner, and yes, we WILL be getting back to it.

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