Grove Corruption cont.

We last left our heroes facing down a creature that seemed to be from somewhere else. Though roughly humanoid in shape, it seemed to flicker into and out of reality. Some attacks seemed to partially pass through it while others seemed to hit solidly. It seemed drawn to Kyrsta and her magic, and as it assailed her, she continually held her head as her memorized spells seemed to slip away. After her spells failing her, or when she did manage to cast a spell properly, it seemingly not affecting the creature, she decided to flee from the creature, but to no avail. She eventually fell to its onslaught. As she fell, Albrecht rushed to her aid and found her still alive, though unconscious.

The heroes continued their brave stand against this creature from elsewhere, and at one point, in a daring maneuver, Kordan activated his spring boots and tried to assault the creature bodily (this while it was still attacking Kyrsta), and flew through it. After Kyrsta fell, it turned its attentions to the other magical being in the group – Moonshadow. It hit her once and she lost all of her innate magical abilities. Alarmed at her lack of magic abilities, Moonshadow was at a loss and began buzzing around it in an erratic fashion, hoping to strike the creature down in a panic. Luckily, it worked, and it fell to her frantic attacks as the others aided her in the assault. The creature left the world in a similar manner in which it came, with a hissing wail and imploding into a singularity that seemed to lead into non-reality.

Albrecht revived Kyrsta and the group gathered their wits after the rough combat. As they rested, Kyrsta explained that the creature was a Void Splinter, a remnant of the dark goddess that slept in the crystal core of the world, imprisoned due to her madness. They were one of many things that could happen when a wizard cast spells by drawing power from the ley-lines rather than from an eldritch crystal.  The group then turned their attention to the cavern across the lake. Moonshadow managed to see a shallow land-bridge under the lake that led straight to the cave. The group took it and entered the mysterious cavern. Within they found that the water formed a horseshoe shape around a small island and ended at a larger piece of land that eventually dropped off into nothingness. On the island was a small sapling, about 3 feet tall that seemed to glow with an inner radiance. The group stopped and marveled at the tree as Moonshadow flew over to the ledge and looked down. With her superior infravision she was able to see something glowing at the bottom, some 1500 feet down. Her curiosity getting the better of her, she went invisible and headed downwards.

She found a HUGE treasure hoard and an equally huge silver body laying on top of it. As she made to leave the very large dragon (twice the size of the largest red dragons), she heard a voice in her head, informing her that he knew she was there, and that she was not alone. He traveled back up to the rest of the group with her and the group saw a sight that none of them could believe. The Silver Dragon Emperor was before them in all its majesty. He spoke with them, warning them of the dark times ahead, and the personal trials that each must face to become the champions that destiny had marked them to become. He also warned them against trusting anyone too easily, then left them to return to its slumber.

Still in awe of the great dragon, the group left the next morning and continued their quest. they made it back to the grove and Celise asked one last favor of them – to take the water and pour it on the roots of the great oak in the center of the grove. They traveled once more into the grove and made their way to the great oak. In the process they avoided spiders, fought an owlbear and two headed death dogs, and avoided two dryads playing at court with ten enthralled human males.

Once at the center Albrecht poured the water onto the oak, which seemed to have an almost immediate effect. The oak sprang back to life, its bark becoming a rich brown again, and the leaves changing back to their normal green color. The forest around them seemed to spring back to life as Barlas, the corrupted druid charged into the clearing demanding to know what the group was doing to his grove. though Moonshadow tried to reason with him, he was too maddened by the corruption and he moved to attack the group. After a short but intense fight, they managed to knock the druid unconscious before he could do any real harm to the group.

A few minutes later a much better looking Celise and Terathas entered the clearing. They thanked the heroes and told them that since they did not kill any of the natural creatures of the grove that they may take a share of the treasure that the dryads had collected over time.

That accomplished the Drakenblades left and began the almost week long trek to Knightswatch Keep which was said to be assaulted by the undead in larger than normal numbers. Little did they know that fate and the spirits of a distant land would need their aid first…

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Grove Corruption

After two weeks of helping rebuild Port Kyra after the goblin attack, word has spread among most of the townsfolk that the Drakenblades really are heroes, and that maybe adventurers weren’t so bad after all. As the group sat at the Buccaneer Knight tavern and inn, they notice that the crowd was especially rowdy that night. After some shared drinks and food they sit listening to the entertainment (as it was far better than listening to Moonshadow rant on about how the city authorities took her ship), a dwarf with light brown hair and carrying strange devices approached them. He introduced himself as Kordan and stated that he had received a vision to seek out Albrecht and to aid him in his fight against the evil that seemed to pervade the land these days. After some brief conversation the group welcomed their new comrade and retired for the night

The next morning Albrecht left the group (with Moonshadow and Fang recovering from hangovers with the help of some elvish remedy that Kyrsta was cooking up) to look for the League of Questing Companies bounty board. He found four different bulletins of interest – one from Knightswatch Keep stating that they were beset by an unusual amount of undead (the keep is located in the Marsh of the Fallen where undead rise regularly, but usually the keep’s soldiers can handle it), another from a Duanian elf named Terathas stating that they has lost contact with a druid and that the druid’s grove had become corrupted, the third was from a captain stationed near the Orcrage Hills stating that the orcs were growing bolder by the day and attacking caravans and outlying villages, something they rarely do, and the last was stating that several riders had been sent to a fort/monastery in the Old Calveth Woods and had not returned.

Albrecht brought all of the bulletins back to the group and they discussed which they would deal with first. Moonshadow and Krysta wanted to aid the grove, Moonshadow because Duania is her homeland, and Krysta because she will go anywhere that nature is being despoiled in order to correct it and destroy whatever corrupting influence there is. their destination decided, the group bought new supplies and headed out towards Tradewinds Village, where Terathas was waiting for contact.

As the group traveled they came across what looked to be a hooded figure with a staff dragging something along. Albrecht called for a stop and noticed that Krysta was already in position on a small rise nearby, arrow nocked and ready. As the stranger approached the group could see that he was dragging a litter with several crates on it. They noticed that it looked to be a meager amount of nearly rotted produce and that the man was wearing what could only be considered rags. Albrecht spoke with him and found out that he was a farmer who had fallen on hard times due to the humanoid attacks and other problems within the kingdom and that he hoped to trade his meager crops for a small amount of money so that he could feed his family. Albrecht took pity on the man and gave him 200 gold pieces and offered to escort him back to Tradewinds from where he came.

The group made it to the village without further incident and bought the farmer a wagon so that he could get the rest of the way home. They went to the only inn in the village and Moonshadow noticed a Duanian elf sitting by himself near the hearth. She approached him and he went immediately on guard, since Twilight Fae were known for their evil reputations. Once he saw the badge of a Duanian Scout upon her armor however, he relaxed and said that he found it odd that a Twilight Fae would serve as a Duanian Scout. Moonshadow quickly found out that this elf was Terathas, who they were to contact about the grove. He told them that the grove had been corrupted and that there was someone else who better knew the situation. He told the group to be ready to travel early the next morning.

Terathas led the party to the grove where they met a sickly looking Dryad by the name of Celise. She explained that a wizard came into the grove and was asked to leave by the druid who protected it. The wizard unleashed his magics upon the druid and they fought a bitter battle until the wizard began pulling directly from the leylines to fuel his magic (a quick explanation – the core of the world is a large crystal sphere, and within that sphere rests a mad goddess. The leylines support her prison and power it. To draw power from the leylines directly causes her to stir and her nightmares to become manifest where ever the leylines become weakened), and thus the corruption formed. though the druid drove the wizard off, the damage had been done, and the druid became as corrupt as his grove.

Celise explained that none of the animals could come to harm, as the corruption was not their fault and to punish them for it would be wrong. She handed the group an oil to put on their weapons that would magically blunt them if they had to attack any of the creatures that called the grove home. She then asked them to go to the central oak in the middle of the grove and retrieve a sample, bark, a leaf, anything and to bring it back to her, but that they should only enter a couple of hours before dawn and be gone a couple of hours after dawn, as this was the only time the druid was not at the oak.

The party quickly covered their weapons in the oil (using it on a bow or gun would cause the ammunition fired from it to be magically blunted) and headed into the foreboding grove. They felt unwelcome and uneasy under the black boughs of the sickly looking trees. While it was spring elsewhere, this grove was dying a death beyond what the winter season usually brought. Black veins could be seen in the bark of the trees and the leaves crunched under foot and disintegrated. The party soon came into a clearing and two black bears with glowing red eyes, mangy, patchy fur and a nasty disposition. The group defended themselves and managed to knock the bears unconscious before moving on. They avoided a group of equally nasty looking stags by taking a small game trail to the side of the main path. They were then caught by surprise by a small group of sprites who put most of the party to sleep with drugged arrows. They managed to defeat the little creatures without killing any of them and moved on after those who fell to the arrows were reawakened.

The group managed to finally make it to the oak, and saw that it was in the same condition as the rest of the grove, if not worse. Moonshadow flew up and took a black leaf from the tree while Albrecht collected a sickly bark sample. As the group was leaving the clearing, they heard a horehounds, slurping, scream come from behind them. As they turned to look saw two horrific creatures staring them down. They were small balls of flesh, about 2-3 feet in diameter with tendrils and tentacles sticking out of them everywhere. They had two large bulbous eyes, another set of smaller eyes under that and a singular eye between the two smaller eyes. They had a large maw under their eyes and a smaller mouth under that, both filled with razor sharp teeth. Their skin was multi-colored, similar to how an oil slick looks when light reflects off of it. The group’s first instinct was to run. And run they did, but they caught up due to the slower speed of the dwarves. They fought a pitched battle with the creatures, several of the party running after seeing the gruesome effect the creature’s initial attacks had on Albrecht. By the time they returned they were able to help Albrecht finish the creatures off.

As they left the grove (and gladly at that), they gave the samples to Cerise. After taking a day to examine and analyze the samples, Cerise told the party that the only way to cleanse the grove was with a whole and ripe golden apple from the central apple tree in Appledale (of which they had one but it had been used), or the purest water from the top of Kyra’s Tears Falls. Having a partial apple and knowing that they only grew once in a great while, the group opted to retrieve the water for which Celise gave them a flask that looked to be made from a large acorn. Their trek was a long, but uneventful one, though they felt as though they were being watched the whole time. And they eventually made it to the top of the falls only to be greeted by a vista that took their breath away. From this vantage they could see the entire kingdom sprawled out below them. through the wispy clouds they could see the blue ribbons of the rivers as they flowed into Lake Kyra. They could Syris on its banks, and the other villages and farmlands spread out below. The top of the falls was no less beautiful as the mountains towered around them, lake at the fall’s source was crystal blue and clear and the land around was lush and green. Across the lake looked ot be the entrance to a cave of some sort.

Albrecht filled the flask they were given with the water and noted that the water smelled slightly like salt water oddly enough. As Moonshadow began to flit across the lake towards the cave entrance, the group felt as though the world behind them ceased to exist for a second as an unearthly howl came from behind them. they turned to see what seemed to be a tear in reality, a black sliver of nothignness forming in a vertical line. Through this sliver stepped a humanoid being that seemed to be nothing more than an absence within the world itself. Kyrsta screamed as she recognized the creature for what it was as the rest of the group prepared for the battle of their lives not knowing what it was they faced…

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More to come soon

The last post was the first four or five sessions we had rolled into one long synopsis. I did not include any of the random encounters or the dialogue between the characters as such because it has been too long ago (over three months now) for me to remember exact details, so I covered the general gist of things in broad strokes. I will be doing this with the next report as well since it will cover the last two sessions (the two that saw the player of Kordan join us). After the next game I will be trying to put up more detailed reports of the game. Eventually I may even post PDF files of the setting, or at least a short primer so that people can become more familiar with it. Now that I’m almost caught up to the current game, I will try to keep things as updated and as detailed as possible from here on out.

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The Shadows of the Sundering Campaign – Start

First off I would like anyone reading this to refer to the actual D&D page for character bios. Each character has a unique background that has brought them into the campaign.

We start off in Kyrador, which is situated in the western portion of the Calveth Continent which is in turn the continent that is furthest north and is centrally located between the other two continents (that are situated to the south east and south west). Originally the area was part of the Calveth province of the Therostian Empire, but that was before the Sundering. Afterwards the people here did what they had to in order to survive, and eventually became nomadic tribal people. They eventually gathered under the banner of one leader, Marcus of the Gryphon tribe, and his wife Kyra of the Drake tribe, forming the beginnings of the kingdom. Kyra would become a renowned figure, healing the sick and wounded, even in battle, and eventually becoming a mortal raised to the status of godhood (she is now the goddess of healing). She is one of the patron gods of the kingdom, and, obviously, the kingdom is named for her.

Kyrador is a benevolent kingdom,  very much like the legendary Earth kingdom of Camelot, ruled by a kind and wise king (currently Marcus Gryphon V). This was not always the case. In recent history there has been a mad and paranoid king who outlawed all magic and had many innocents executed. His own son left Kyrador and traveled to the fabled lands of Aerinvale so that he could practice his art without persecution. There was also the Silver Knight and the War Wizard who had forsaken their vows and built a kingdom of the undead known as Shadestone to the east. But, for now, the kingdom is peaceful and quiet. though the king married his first wife early, she died in childbirth and the king eventually remarried, though not to a young Drake princess like was expected, but instead a half-elf of singular beauty from the neighboring realm of Duania.

Albrecht found himself here, answering a bulletin he saw while in Port Kyra. The flyer was put out by one Baron Drakclar from the trade hub of Syris. We start with him traveling alone down the road towards the eastern portion of the kingdom where the village of Appledale, supposedly under attack by goblins and bandits, was located. Soon enough Albrecht was attacked by goblins who wanted his money or his life. Albrecht chose to not give an inch to the goblin scum and attacked them, though he was outnumbered. Soon enough he felled a couple of the creatures and found that several others had been killed as well, some by tiny black arrows, others by normal sized purple fletched arrows. A brilliant bluish-silver streak of light scorched another one, causing it to fall. And a roar of rage followed by a streak of a large human felled several more.

After the battle was over Krysta, Kyrsta, Moonshadow, and Lightning Fangs all made their introductions, each also answering the flyer from baron Drakclar. together they traveled to Appledale and sussed out the situation. After speaking with the villagers and the mayor (himself a War Wizard of some power), they found out that the village, and indeed the entire kingdom was is dire straits. There was a food shortage as the goblins were attacking crops and food carrying caravans specifically. The group quickly found where the goblins were attacking from and followed their trail back to their den. They made quick work of the goblins and found several storage caves filled with the stolen produce and goods.

They also found out that the goblins were working for a mercenary group called the Iron Shadows, led by one Helrath Solomar. They also found a map with the main goblinoid lair situated south of Port Kyra along with plans to attack the port city, hopefully while the kingdom was worried about the crowned prince who was supposedly to be kidnapped by a bandit group known as the Exiled Brotherhood. The group informed the  mayor of Appledale where their supplies could be found so that they could make their way back to their rightful owners, and also made the imminent attack plans known, as well as the plans to kidnap the prince.

The group then traveled to Syris to retrieve their payment from the baron so they could rearm and get more supplies. They reported all of their findings to the garrison of the Silver Knights there as well. The baron paid them as promised and also gave them an official charter recognized by the League of Questing Companies (a world-wide adventurer’s guild in Eldritch Empires). This allowed them to take on jobs from the League and gave them treasure rights and informed the local authorities that what they did was legally recognized by most countries and their governments. Without this charter the group could be legally liable for any adventuring activities that inadvertently broke local customs and laws.

With this in hand the group traveled to the goblin lair in the Reflection Hills south of Port Kyra in the far western portion of the kingdom. They found that the goblins were actually holed up in an old dwarvish complex, much to the consternation of Albrecht who took offense to goblins being in a dwarven home. He led the group through battle after battle with the goblins (including hobgoblins, bugbears, and even a couple of ogres!) within and eventually foudn that the dwarven tunnels ended and a more natural set of caves connected to the old dwarven hold. The natural caverns eventually led to an opening into the ocean and that is where they came face to face with Captain Bloodhowl, leader of the goblin efforts and lieutenant to Helrath. They defeated him and saw that while the attack on Port Kyra was imminent, the city would hold well enough… if it weren’t for the four goblin ships with cannons headed the city’s way right now!

The heroes found a tied up skiff nearby and while the goblins were off storing supplies from the nearby ship, the players took the skiff and started towards the ship anchored several hundred yards away. The ship saw them and knew them to not be goblins and opened fire with their cannons! The group barely managed to avoid the cannon fire as the goblins in the caves came back and found one of their skiffs rowing its way to the ship. They made it to the ship and Moonshadow managed to convince the  “acting captain” of the ship (really Bloodhowl’s navigator, as his first officer was with him during the battle and died as well) to relinquish command to her. He obliged, not wanting to have his face perforated with a fae blade. Moonshadow had the cannons turned against the goblins that were chasing them in the other skiffs, and once they were dealt with, she had the ship go after the other three that were moving in to attack Port Kyra. The other ships did not expect their own people to fire upon them so the group caught them by surprise and quickly found themselves destroyed and under the waves. The group came into Port Kyra and were welcomed as heroes. They decided to help the town rebuild as they rested and took stock of the situation.

The goblins were defeated, but there was still a shadowy mercenary group apparently trying to bring about the downfall of the kingdom. And there was the Exiled Brotherhood still out there, causing problems within the kingdom, though the group did hear that their kidnapping attempt on the prince had failed, though one wonders, what made them so bold. With two weeks of off time, they have plenty of time to plan out what they should do next…that is if Moonshadow can ever stop complaining about how the port authorities confiscated the goblin ship from her after the battle.

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I know, I know, I promised to have the rewritten version of the campaign up to the current point, but things have been hectic in the real life stratum of late. On a plus side however, we started getting into our campaign again, so AD&D is officially back on track, and with a new player (and character). I WILL have the synopsis up to the current point up and soon, including our last session.

Onto other news…I know I what I said previously about WotC, their game design and D&D in particular. I still stand behind the statements I made about 3rd and 4th editions. I don’t like 3.X, and never will. It’s a hot, broken, mess that apparently needs to lean on the Oberoni Fallacy (The DM can change/fix rules as needed referring to the magical ‘rule 0′ as an excuse, but it’s more than that and if you are a gamer and you don’t know what it is, you should probably look it up sometime. I mean, REALLY.) in order to justify its brokenness. I said at the time that I was very much disinterested in 5e/Next/whatevertheyarecallingit because it seemed like Wizards of the Coast had not learned from their past design mistakes. Well I got started flipping through a copy of the 5e PHB at a book store…and I was surprised.

Not only that but I was wrong. But that’s at first glance. I picked up the PHB and have been going over it since, and so far, it looks like I can really like this edition. First off they have gone on a completely different tact and decided to go with importance of story and character over mechanics, much like 2nd edition. Not to say the mechanics aren’t there, they are, and they are far more streamlined and easy to grasp than any other edition so far.

It seems to me that they have taken the best from each edition (story and character from 2nd, class and mechanic options from 3rd but balanced with 4e sensibilities), oh and feats? COMPLETELY OPTIONAL! In fact even IF they are used, you have to give up an ability score bump at the quarter level marks (4,8,12 etc.) in order to take one, so it really is a choice, and in a lot of cases a hard one. The feats are not overpowered and none of them overlap in any way, so they really feel like unique character decisions. Also ability scores are now capped at 20 for PCs, much like 2nd did (though their cap was 18, or by race and could only go higher with magic), and everyone gains their ‘attack bonus’ (called a Proficiency Bonus in this edition) at the same rate as everyone else, so it truly is the class mechanics that make each class feel unique. Some spells can be cast as rituals (an idea introduced in 4e), and some can be memorized in higher level spell slots, making them more powerful. For example, a magic missile in this edition has 3 missiles that deal 1d4+1 – as per usual outside of having 3 missiles to start anyway – and if you memorize it in a higher spell slot, you get more missiles.

Anyway I could go on, but again I’m only spitballing here based on what I am reading of the rules. They may play out entirely different once we get in game with them. So I decided to see just how much they will change once the chaos of an actual game hits, and I will be running a second game on Fridays to test out 5e using the PHB and the module that was released at the same time called Hoard of the Dragon Queen. Hopefully this edition holds up well and I will have 2 editions of the game that I will love.

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Another break in postings…

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted here again, and I blame World of Warcraft and the Summer season. We took a hiatus from D&D due to my step-son’s father taking him for several weeks at a time throughout the summer. We knew that he would be gone for vital parts of the game and he didn’t want to miss anything, but he was also torn on wanting to see his dad and rightfully so. So we just put D&D on the back burner until school started again so he wouldn’t have to choose.

In the mean time I began a Vampire: The Masquerade table-top game using the 20th Anniversary edition rules (which by the way are awesome slathered in excellence, if you were EVER a V:TM fan pick it up, NOW), which takes place in Las Vegas in the mid-eighties. I haven’t posted anything about it because it is a filler game. I will return to it once the D&D campaign runs it’s course (which could be a year or more), and at that time, when I know that I will be running it for more than a few weeks, I will begin posting about it. For right now, I am using it to get familiar with the old rules and teach new players to this version of the game the rules and setting.

I will be editing the post of the D&D adventure so far and adding to it so as to catch everything up to current events in the game in the very near future. I may have to split it into 2 posts to keep it manageable, either way, it will be done, and with a little more detail this time around. I’ve missed my D&D game for the past 3 months and I am really looking forward to diving back in. While WoW may be a fantasy game, and while I may love it, it doesn’t quite scratch my fantasy itch the way that D&D does. So in the next week or so that update to the adventure will be posted, and hopefully soon after will be a brand new post of their continuing adventures.

Denizens of Ki’rous* – prepare yourself, we’re coming home again.


*Ki’rous is the name of the world in which the Eldritch Empires setting is placed upon.

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The Adventure so far (in brief)

The campaign starts off taking place in the Kingdom of Kyrador, a Camelot/Brettonia (for those who play Warhammer) inspired nation ruled by a usually fair and benevolent king (though history has shown that that’s not always the case). The month is Eralreth (equivalent to March/April), and each PC has their own reasons for being in Kyrador (see biographies on the D&D main page by clicking on the tab above).

The group met up at a crossroads as Albrecht was being attacked by a small group of goblins and hobgoblins. After they came together to help the Forgewarden, they each figured out that they had all answered a bulletin put out by Baron Cyrus Drakclar. They traveled to Appledale, and inquired about the goblin attacks and then trekked off to find the lair of the creatures.

After a long and sometimes hard fought fight against the goblins in their own lair, the group found documents and maps denoting other goblin dens as well as their main lair in the Reflection Hills south of Port Kyra. They also find out that a bandit group called the Exiled Brotherhood is planning to kidnap the crown prince.

The party then headed off towards Syris to inform Baron of their progress and to inform the authorities (mainly the branch of Silver Knights) about the goblin lairs. After doing so, and re-equipping themselves, the group headed off once more, this time to cut the head off the goblin forces, or at least that is their hope. They are currently in the main goblin lair, about 4 or so encounters in. Already they have run across the expected goblins and hobgoblins, but have also come across bugbears, worgs, and ogres.

Sorry for the briefness of the recap at this point. Unfortunately I am about 2 months behind and could not possibly remember all of the details. Hopefully I will not fall so far behind and can give more detailed recaps from here on out.

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Updates lacking

I apologize for the lack of updates lately. I’ve been very much absorbed in replaying through the Mass Effect series recently. I’ve played through 1 and 2 on the Xbox 360 before, but I traded those in for the PS3 Trilogy because it had most of the DLC for all 3 games. So since all my saves were on the Xbox and not the PS3, I had to start all over, which I didn’t mind at all. Now I am a decent ways into 3 and enjoying the hell out of it. Kind of a best of between 1 and 2 so far.

Anyway, we have started up my AD&D campaign and as we move into Summer, we may end up missing a session here and there as people go on vacations, but it seems like it will weather that and continue on course every week after summer ends. I will put up at least a brief synopsis of the adventures thus far within the next week or so.

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Sudden Shift

So we’ve been fighting off colds and other illnesses among our group for the past three weeks, so we haven’t been gaming unfortunately. This Sunday marks a change in all that, as well as a change in games. This may seem sudden, but in my mind, it’s been working up to this for a while now. But, let me elaborate a bit, so that maybe, those who DO read this blog will understand what has happened and why we are shifting games seemingly so suddenly (I mean we HAD just started our Star Wars game and I was really looking forward to it).

Let me start at the beginning. When I originally started my AD&D campaign, we had a roommate that was also a long time player at our table, and a close friend. It was myself as the DM, him, my wife, and my stepson, and it was a nice little group. This was back in January of this year, and I had started the game with the intention that the campaign would probably last until at least the beginning of next year, and longer if needed. We were all looking forward to a long-term game, and I was looking forward to FINALLY being able to run the campaign I had always wanted to run in my home setting,

Around this time the roommate had started seeing a girl but she was a non-issue at the time. Soon enough though she became a massive distraction even though she wasn’t there physically at the table. He would be sullen and moody because he was worried about what she was up to (because she couldn’t be trusted), and when that wasn’t going on, she would be texting him CONSTANTLY and telling him how she ‘hated’ his gaming, KNOWING that at that moment, that’s what he was doing, and that it was disrupting our fun. He would shrug all of this horrible behavior off stating that “He got it”, and “It’s kinda sweet”. No. It wasn’t. She’s a horrible person and she only hated his gaming because when he was gaming she was out of sight and out of mind and he wouldn’t stop everything just to go run her around in his car and be available for her every whim.

Well it happened that while he was in town constantly for her, he was leaving his son here with us constantly, basically making him our responsibility, which he was not. We have our own two children (well step-children for me) that we needed to take care of, and that was enough. We finally put our foot down and said that his son could not be here without him. At that point he seemingly moved out of the house even though his stuff was still here, and was barely ever home, even for game.  I talked with him, and suggested that maybe we should shelve the D&D game for now so that he could concentrate on getting a place of his own and then we could pick it back up where we left off. He agreed, and I was fine with that at the time.

So it was that I started up the Sunday Star Wars game with another friend of ours that we couldn’t have over because the gaming days that were good for the roommate was not good for this friend (he could only come out after 6pm on the weekdays and we started at 3). This Star Wars game was going to be fairly easy for me to run, and I set it up that way on purpose. If we started the AD&D game up again, I would have time to prepare for AD&D (which takes a bit of preparation in comparison to Star Wars), and not have to worry about the Star Wars game as it would run itself essentially.  So win-win right?

Well at this point, I have come to the realization that the now ex-roommate is not the same person I became friends with. His actions, broken promises, and fucked up morals have caused me to want nothing to do with this individual, which is fine, because I get the idea that as long as this girl wants to be with him, he could give a shit less. On the heels of that revelation came another – we would never game with him again. Which meant the AD&D game was dead in the water, permanently.

So I got to thinking over the past three weeks while everyone was sick – we will never restart that AD&D game, and we’re only 3 sessions in on the Star Wars game. Originally I told my players that I would at least run the first story arc of Star Wars and then we could start AD&D up. Then it hit me; if we’re not that far into the Star Wars game, why wait to switch? Why get attached to the characters and put in that time and work just to switch games? Why not switch now and run the Star Wars game after the AD&D campaign ends? So this Sunday we will be doing character creation for AD&D and I will FINALLY be able to run the campaign that I have always wanted to run with little to no hiccups, pauses, or stops (I hope!).

So despite a major setback and the loss of a close friend, we’re coming out ahead. I think this group will be more fun to run games for now that he isn’t involved anyway (to be honest he had a lot of little habits that drove us nuts and he did make it hard to run games unless they were set up a certain way. We dealt with it because he was our friend). I know it’s harsh to say, but it is the truth, but that’s as much as I will say about that.

Here’s to our new group, and the fun that we will be having at our gaming table in the near future!

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Nar Shadda Shootout

Quick note – in the last few minutes of the last session, they came out of hyperspace over Nar Shadda and were told that they had to wait to land. They discussed getting a new transponder and name for the ship to hide the fact that it was stolen.

Last we left our group, they were in orbit around Nar Shadda, awaiting permission to land. It was given after a few hours and after they landed Vin told them that he needed to go to a droid shop to pick up A6, his old combat medic droid. He told the rest of the group that they should do some shopping while they were there. So  they did, and afterwards they met up with Vin in front of the droid shop. With him was a rather rag-tag looking droid with a dark copper chassis with dark silver limbs and a dark silver head. He looked pretty mismatched.

“So these are your new companions master?” the droid asks as the rest of the group approaches.

“Yes, A6.” Vin answers patiently.

“Then I see no reason to shoot them.” A6 says with all confidence. Vin sighs, rolls his eyes and pats the droid on the shoulder.

“That’s good A6, I’d hate to dismantle you for hurting my new friends.” Vin says, shaking his head.

“At least I could patch  them up if I had made a mistake, master.” A6 states.

“Yes. Yes you could.” Vin mutters.

“Nice droid.” Ali says, “Do you have the new transponder for the ship?”

“A6, do you have that transponder we were going to use for my old ship?” Vin asks.

“Right here master” A6 confirms.

“Good. Well then I believe you guys wanted to meet with the Alliance?” Vin asks.

“Yes. Very much so.” Torr says with a ready agreement from Kat.

“Alright, let’s get back to the ship. I was told to make contact on Alderaan.” Vin says.

The group travels back to the ship, only to find it surrounded by Imperial Stormtroopers. An Imperial officer is with them. It strikes them as a bit odd because the officer is a female.

“I am Lieutenant Pelthroes of the Imperial Navy. In the name of Moff Gerador I order you to drop your weapons and surrender for questioning. ” the officer calls out.

“She means interrogation, master” A6 whispers to Vin. No one else hears it.

“I know, A6″ Vin mutters.

“What are we being brought in for?” Ali asks, as she unholsters her blasters and begins crouching slowly to put her weapons on the ground. Torr had let his staff fall to the ground already, and Kat has already dropped his vibroblade and his blaster rifle. He was fighting with the strap of his bowcaster, but hadn’t unshouldered it yet.

“Like I said, questioning.” The lieutenant answered back.

“Are we under arrest?” A6 asks as he steps forward.

“Your droids can stay here. You will come with us, and no you are not under arrest.” the lieutenant states again.

“Then die, armored human scum!” A6 yells a she draws a blaster from a compartment inside his leg and opens fire. Everyone else dives behind cover and begins firing. All except Torr who moves with sudden speed and begins to take out Stormtroopers….with his bare hands! During the fight, Lieutenant Pelthroes calmly walks  away and into a side door.

The group makes quick work of the Stormtroopers with no injuries, and quickly boards the ship. As Vin pilots the ship  into the atmosphere (doing some tricky maneuvering through air traffic), and into space (with even more maneuvering between skyhooks, space platforms, other ships, space stations, satellites and various space debris), he calls back for Ali to man the turret.

Four TIE fighters move in to attack, Ali clips one with laser fire, and it spins off into a space platform. A furious fire fight with the remaining TIEs staying just behind the newly minted (thanks to the new transponder) Vornskyr’s Fang ensues, that eventually sees Vin’s superior piloting abilities making short work of two of the TIEs as they careen off into various other space objects, though one managed to get a good shot in on the Fang, and Ali’s misfiring caused part of a platform to rain down on top of the ship doing some damage as they flew under it.

As the ship makes the jump to hyperspace, the final TIE Fighter, whose weapons had been damaged, peeled away. They had escaped. Again. Vin told the group that it should be 16 days or so before they reached Alderaan, so to just relax. The group did just that with both Ali and Torr doing various meditation exercises and with Ali learning from the holocron.

After the 16 days was up, the group came in to the cockpit to find Vin furiously typing away on the consoles.

“What’s wrong? I thought we were supposed to be there by now?” Torr asked.

“We were. Damned fire fight took out a portion of the astrogation array, and it looks like we drifted off course. We’re going to be another ten days.” (Vin rolled a 1 on the Wild Die when making his astrogation roll, so it added time to the trip)

“Well back to practice,” Ali stated as she took up her practice blade and headed to her room. After the extra ten days, they finally came out of hyperspace over Alderaan, looking as pristine as always. An inquiry as to the ship’s name and what business they had on Alderaan had Vin answering back that they were to pick up a shipment from House Organa and drop it off on Coruscant. The reply was for them to land with coordinates.

Those coordinates led them to land at a small private spaceport near the Organa Palace. They were then escorted to a small group of speeders and taken to the place and escorted inside to a luxurious room. They were offered refreshments and told that they could relax until the Senator could see them (this is of course before the Imperial Senate was abolished by Palpatine, being 3 BBY).

Bail Organa walks into the room, and notices Vin.

“Where have you been? I was expecting that shipment weeks ago!” Bail says. As he berates Vin for being late, he nods at the guards who shut the doors. He then pulls a device from a pocket and pushes a button on it. There was an audible sound of several objects powering down.

“There, now that we can have a private conversation, what can I do for you?” Bail asks.

“We were told you could help us get in contact with the Alliance to Restore the Republic.” Vin says as he shakes Bail’s hand.

“I can. Here, on this datapad are my personal seal used only within the Alliance. They have a base on Dantooine. Go there and present this. They will know where you are needed most.” Bail says as he looks over at Ali and goes silent. “Aayla…no it can’t be. You’re too young, but the resemblance is… Apologies. Just the mutterings of an old man, you just remind me of someone I once knew. Anyway, go there, they will appreciate the help.” with that, Bail leaves the room, and the guards escort the group back to their ship.

“Well…that was weird.” Ali says as they board the ship again.

“He was concise and to the point though. I like him,” Torr says.

Well. Off to Dantooine, home of farmers, swoop gangs and Kath hounds.” Vin says as he starts the ship up. They leave Alderaan and Vin starts up the Hyperdrive (and rolls yet ANOTHER 1 on the Wild Die for astrogation…another long trip thanks to that damaged astrogation array), the stars streak and they are off to join the Rebellion.


Sidenote – All of the decisions thus far have been the players. I have no set plans outside of a few plot points that I want to cover as the game progresses, otherwise everything, from them stealing the bounty hunter’s ship to deciding to join the Alliance has been all them.


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