New and Improved!

Welcome to the new and improved Altered Realities website. As you can see we’ve completely changed the format of the site and gone blog-style. This was done after a bit of discussion with my loving and patient wife who set up the original site as well as this one. We decided that the old format wasn’t working the way we wanted it to, and I wanted a setup that I personally could mess around with and update so I wouldn’t have to pester my wife to constantly do the updates while she’s trying to do school work.

So why the long hiatus? Well first was the holidays, then I honestly just got side tracked by a multitude of things, plus as I mentioned, my wife has been busy with school so I didn’t want to bug her to update the original site.  But now, hopefully, the site will see more frequent updates.

Those who are interested will be happy to know that I have finally finished a new and revised version of the Altered Realities game system. After my wife edits it and I have my closest friends look over it and playtest it, I will be opening up a webpage to sell the main book as well as a free copy of the Star Wars setting for it (for obvious legal reasons I can’t sell the Star Wars book).

We are up to 2 game nights a week, soon to be 3. Right now we are doing New World of Darkness Changing Breeds run by Patrick on Thursdays, and I am running a Battletech RPG on Sundays using the newest ruleset A Time of War. The third game will be one created by a close friend of mine and is called Curses of Night. The game is similar in nature to World of Darkness (in that it is a dark urban fantasy setting), and we will be playtesting it as we go. More information will be forthcoming, mostly in the forums, though I am sure there will be story updates here as well.

Also the old website is still there (check the links to the right), as are the forums. The old website will be updated soon and will be used for picture galleries and as file storage so those involved in our games can access needed files whenever they want. That particular page is likely to be restricted though as I will only want my friends and those gaming in our games having access to those files.

Also I am sure you will notice that there are links to our game systems along the top. Those are separate pages where more permanent information will be posted. Things like character bios, house rules, setting background, and other information that is of a more unchanging nature.

So that about does it for my first post on our new site. More to come.

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